The story portrays people remarkably like children—in their passion for truth, their extravagance, their worship, their open faith.  Want to be more childlike? Check them out! 


That’s a kid thing. Why did the Magi go looking for Jesus?  Something moved their hearts enough to make them leave their homeland. Do you think friends tried to dissuade them?  “Following a star—to find a baby?  You’re not even Jewish.” 

They were probably students of the stars from Persia or southern Arabia, hundreds of miles east of Israel, most likely Gentiles, because they said, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews?”   Why would Gentiles pursue a Jewish king? It does not make sense, not to an adult.  Think it over—and you’ll decide to stay home. If you’re searching for more of Jesus, you’re childlike.


Adults make statements. On the day of Pentecost, there were two kinds of responses. One was adult-like, a verdict:  “They have had too much wine”  (Acts 2:13).   The second was childlike:  “What does this mean?”

The wise men came to Jerusalem asking the “where” question?  The chief priests weren’t asking questions; they were giving answers.  “In Bethlehem of Judea…” Easy as that.  They were researchers, not searchers. They had the facts but not the faith.  


Adults hope to be praised. Think disciples. What do you do when your search ends with finding Jesus? You worship. You get down real low, because you realize that you are not the center. Not as easy for an adult as for a child. Herod wasn’t about to bow. Bad mistake. He’s already found that out! 


Passion goes beyond the limits, giving permission for extravagance. The wise men were not calculating in their giving.  They gave a little child gold, incense, and myrrh. Mary’s perfumed and poured-out gift was off the charts. Are you holding back or letting go?


They believed in the guidance of a star, in a word of scripture, in a dream.  They were willing to be led, dependent rather than independent.  Adults have felt enough pain for a little cynicism to rub off.  It can make them independent rather than trusting.  Not so the wise men.  

ARE YOU A CHILD?  Answer true or false:

1.  I am more into release than control.

2.  I am good at asking questions.  

3.  I have not quit learning.  

4.  I am light-hearted. 

5.  I am not a worrier.   

6.  I am slow to label people.

If you answered false to at least three of these statements, here’s my advice:

CONFESS.  People in Alcoholics Anonymous introduce themselves by saying, “Hi, I’m Jerry, and I’m an alcoholic.”   I need to say, “Hi, I’m Paul, and I’m an adult.”  

DO WHAT A CHILD WOULD DO.  If you carried out Matthew 18:3, what would change? Your worship?  Your giving?  Your relationships?  As you step into 2022, trust God to change your heart and make you more childlike.  You are a child—for all eternity.  

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