November 28, 2021

You are the youngest child of the Paul & Karen Anderson family. Some might consider that a disadvantage. You took it the opposite way. So did your parents and sibs. You were special from the get-go. It was compulsory for everyone but you to show up for devotions at 7am. When you woke up and walked into the family room, we would fight, because we all wanted you on our lap. Last certainly didn’t mean least.

You had an artistic flair from early on. You really didn’t need toys, because life itself interested you. Which means that for you less is more. You are good in calligraphy, photography, cooking and in presentation blog writing. We remember the long thank-you cards you made and wrote to us and others before your wedding. Instead of bowing down to things, you are letting go of them, which fits in well with your growing outlook of a minimalist.  You are thrifty. You know the value of money, but you don’t worship it. Bravo!  Many are screaming for more.

You are an experimenter. When something grabs your attention and you consider it worth a try, you go for it and you’re all in.  Your creativity shows up, whether as a cook or decorator or cleaner or mother. Life works for you. You are versatile, so you have many tools in your toolbox. You love learning new things that fit into your worldview.  You are nurturing in a kind and low-key manner, and it shows. You love well, whether your husband, your sibs, your parents, your friends, or your daughter Elzie–and another coming.

You are wise, and people seek you out for your wisdom, in which you blend grace with truth. Your grace makes the truth receivable, and the truth makes your grace substantial rather than fanciful. This makes you a good friend and a valuable wife and mother. You are an excellent hostess, whether a last-minute activity or planned meal. Both work for you. You are good at adjusting to life challenges without being thrown by them. Your wisdom is practical rather than ethereal.  You have two big families that both call for your time, and you do the dance well. You are not running ragged or showing signs of fatigue. You live with much grace, true to your name.

Happy Birthday, dear Daughter!

Love Dad and Mom


  1. Michael Cook says:

    Another beautiful and loving tribute. Thanks for your example.
    It’s apparent you enjoy being a parent!

  2. Michael: Our whole family is coming up to a big rental house not far from Aitkin for five special days. We do it every year. Fun and then some. Food, devotions, singing, prayer, games, etc.!!

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