America is in crisis. Never been an election like this one. I’m voting for Donald Trump. Couldn’t imagine myself doing so a year ago. Why now? Because…

I oppose Hillary. I can’t imagine a woman favoring partial birth abortion. I see the damage that President Obama has done. He has destroyed the health care system. He has supported those that America opposes. He has not protected our borders. His leadership has helped to create gender confusion and anti-religious liberty. Expect Hillary to push it further. Trump is reckless. She is sinister, and hard to pin down.

I oppose the people Hillary runs with and like the people Trump is running with. I do not excuse cheap talk or foolish actions. I trust that the good people he has on his team will continue to influence him. I am voting for the values that Trump supports, not the values he sometimes lives. I am also voting for the values of the Republican platform. A church leader said that one needs to vote character, and neither candidate has character. So he is not able with a clear conscience to vote for either. I am voting for the one I believe will protect the values I affirm rather than opposing them. I can do this with a clear conscience.

Had Samson run for office, I doubt if I would have voted for him. His birth and assignment were foretold by an angel. He was called to be a Nazarite, separated to the Lord, but he did not live a separated life. He was a womanizer and a reckless man. He treated his parents as his servants and made ungodly demands of them. Yet God used him to initiate deliverance from the Philistines as a judge in Israel. He even made it into the “Faith Hall of Fame.” Samson lacked the character to rule a backslidden people, yet God appointed and anointed him for the task. I view Trump as a potential rescuer, even though like Samson he has questionable values. What if God is planning to use him?

Lincoln preferred non-professional office-holders to professional politicians. Trump is a businessman who wants to do something about big spending, big debt, big government. I wish he had the big character of Abe, but he is not a professional politician, and I like that example. I strongly oppose government intervention in state and local affairs like the school system. Good teachers are quitting because they can no longer teach.

I did not vote for President Obama, but I was proud that America could put a black man in office. Sadly, he did not understand the problem of blacks. Race relations deteriorated under a black president. I do believe that black lives matter. His consistent support of protesters has inflamed the problem rather than solving it. It is a problem of the family and the father. I know Trump has said damaging things about Blacks and Mexicans. The irony of this is that a vote for Trump will serve the blacks better than a vote for Hillary.

So there you have it. And I am voting because I believe that Christians have a moral responsibility to submit to its government (Romans 13) and to honor its leaders (I Peter 2:17). One of the ways to show submission and honor is to vote for the people that we want to lead us. Trump is sometimes crazy, sometimes shooting from the hip, which is damaging and dangerous.At other times he speaks with great clarity and wisdom. Extraordinary need calls for extraordinary prayer. Let it be, God.


  1. Toni Thorson says:

    Paul, I am deeply troubled that you are publicly advocating for Trump-an ungodly man who has no respect for people who aren’t like him and has no respect for the Republican party that you support and who has dangerous views regarding our relationships with the rest of the world. (my list can go on and on) I will always remain your sister in Christ, but feel frustrated that you are using your place of influence to support a man like this.

  2. Brent says:

    Hi Pastor Paul – thank you for continuing to write these reflections which are so good. I do not however agree with you on this one. I cannot vote for Trump or Clinton. In my view both are unqualified for obvious reasons (to me). So many Christians seem to be going with Trump. I understand why in some respects, but I’m left to wonder if there could ever be a Republican candidate bad enough to ever lose the Christian vote. And that saddens me. Trump has given Christians so many reasons to turn away, as has Clinton. One of the main reasons I won’t vote for him is what he stands for. He puts his name on everything out of pure arrogance. He is the ultimate poster child for greed and excess. The Bible says that greed and the lack be of money is the root of all kinds of evil. America already is largely characterized by greed and materialism. Trump will make it even worse. He sets a terrible example for young people. Under Trump there will be more selfishness, more bullying, more greed, more moral decline, more evil. He will further deteriorate Americas reputation around the world, he is using the office for power and pride. He is unpredictable, lacks self control, doesn’t control his tongue, a womanizer, loves money, cheats the little guy, keeping his tax returns in the dark because the light will reveal even worse things about him. Can a tiger change his stripes? The people around him will not reign him in having spent his entire life doing it the Trump way. I could go on and on about why Christians should have nothing to do with Trump (and Hillary of course). The Christian witness in America is damaged by their support of Trump. Unbelievers see Christian support of Trump as unfathomable after years and years of talk about how character counts. There is a time for Christians to say “no way” to either of the electable candidates, and it is this election.

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