Time is a friend, not a foe. We turn it into a tyrant by abusing it, not investing it. Same with money—good servant, terrible master. We don’t have enough time when we are casual about obeying God. Time becomes burdensome to perfectionists and victims. Don’t do what God has not given you to do. We have time to obey God. It is an illusion to think that you will have more time tomorrow. But you can have more wisdom and make right choices. You don’t have time not to fill the car with gas. Obedience is the greatest time-saving device. Unconfessed sin causes us to lose time, because God disciplines rather than directs (Ps. 32).


All time is not created equal. The Bible speaks of two kinds—chronos and kairos, the time on the clock and the time of opportunity. When Jesus cried because Jerusalem missed her time, He was not looking at His watch. God has His moments, and the Spirit can alert us. So “look carefully then how you walk…making the most of time…be filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:15-18). Some time is pregnant. Bartimaeus was healed because he cried out. Jesus never passed that way again. Some wished they would have cried out. When it is harvest time, get the crops in. When it is time to repent, don’t rejoice. Catch the moment—ice cream with the kids. Live the present. “Now is the day of salvation.”


God is eternal. A thousand years is a day. God can tweak time; we can’t. But we can redeem it. We are headed for eternity. Time is a small parenthesis in forever. Living with eternity in view keeps us from being tyrannized by time. We put all our marbles in the age to come. Time makes new things old, like skin, but an eternal focus brings comfort. Time is an internship preparing us for eternity. Angels don’t wear watches. We relate to a God who lives in eternity. So we lay up treasure in heaven by investing money and time, two precious commodities that we only have in this life. We don’t spend money and we don’t spend time. People who know they are valuable also know the value of money and time. I don’t have time to waste, but I have time to invest. Self-discipline is self-caring. Whoops. Coupon expired. Generosity saves money; servanthood saves time. Truly!


Wasting time is sin, squandering a great gift. Go ahead and chill, but remember you are accountable to God. “So teach us to number our days…” Lost time cannot be recovered. Planning saves time. Worry is a time-waster. So is discouragement. Never open the door when discouragement knocks or you will lose time.


Time is going somewhere. It is not circular, as evolutionists propose. The universe is growing old and running out of time. So is Satan, who doesn’t look forward to eternity (Rev. 12:12). Time folds into eternity when the King returns. The past is past. Understand it, just don’t live there. Instant replay is history, which must give way to destiny. Shift to D, not R. Live in the present but with eternity in view. David said, “My times are in your hand” (Psalm 31:15).


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